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Get Well Soon Cookies: Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Get Well Soon Fancy Cookie GiftWith flu season in full swing, chances are someone you know has caught the bug. Looking for a get well soon gift that’ll get your sickly friend back on her feet in no time? You know what Mary Poppins used to say: A little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down! And scrumptious Cheryl’s buttercream-frosted cookies are just what the doctor ordered. Put some pep back into your loved one’s step with these three sugar-coated pick-me-ups.

Mrs Beasley's Get Well Soon GiftThe Survival Kit

This is one house call your friend won’t want to turn away! The Mrs. Beasley’s Get Well Soon Gift features a sweet selection of gourmet lemon tea cakes, mini chocolate-dipped orange cakes, chocolate truffles and buttercream-frosted cookies, all tucked into an adorable box that’s shaped like a medical briefcase. Plus, it has the perfect remedies for any ailment: cure-all chicken noodle soup mix, throat-soothing lemon drops, and calming Earl Grey tea. No prescription could bring a smile to your friends face like this feel-good gift!

Get Well Cookie Flower PotA Sugary Bouquet

If your pal’s nose is stuffed to the max and she doesn’t feel like stopping to smell the roses, why not give her a get-well bouquet that she can eat instead? No arrangement is tastier than the Get Well Cookie Flower Pot! These hand-decorated shortbread cookies are artfully displayed in a beautiful (and reusable!) silver pail, just like a real bouquet. But they certainly won’t last as long as real flowers; your BFF will gobble them right up, putting her well on the road to recovery!

Get Well Chocolate Chip CookieBetter Than a Get-Well-Soon Card

Forget the typical greeting card with the cookie-cutter sentiments. If you really want to brighten up our gal pal’s sick day, send her a truly sweet note with a giant Get Well Chocolate Chip Cookie instead. It takes Cheryl’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe to larger-than-life proportions, and it gets its message across loud and clear with rich, revitalizing buttercream frosting. With a well wish like this, your friend won’t be under the weather for long!

What other kinds of get-well-soon gifts do you like to send to your friend when she’s ill?

Mrs. Beasley’s Basket giveaway!

Mrs. Beasley's Medium Summertime Basket

Mrs. Beasley's Medium Summertime Basket

In celebration of our BIG Mrs. Beasley’s Special Offer this week, we want to give away one of our NEW Mrs. Beasley’s gift baskets!

Never tried Mrs. Beasley’s delectable desserts? Well, now is your chance!

This gift basket includes Mrs. Beasley’s fabulous chocolate truffle cookies (definitely an office favorite around here), assorted mini tea cakes and Cheryl’s snack sized crunchy cookies, brownies and buttercream frosted cookies – the best of both baking families in one festive gift basket!

 To enter, all you need to do is tell us, in 1-2 paragraphs, what your favorite Memorial Day Picnic dessert is and why.

And the winners are….

Winner #1: Post #19 Written By Jamie S. on May 25, 2011 at 8:18 pm
Winner #2: Post #7 Written By Sandy A on  May 23, 2011 at 10:51 pm
Winner #3: Post #15 Written By FaithJ on May 24, 2011 at 2:41 pm

A picture is worth a thousand words!

 We realize that you depend on our pictures when making decisions about what gifts to send to friends and family. That’s why we make sure that each picture we take conveys our quality and freshness. We want you to “taste” the sweet buttercream frosting and yummy chocolate chips in the pictures when you shop and we expect your gift recipients to be impressed with the gifts you choose! In fact, we guarantee it!   

Yes, it’s true we do “sample” the goodies at the photo shoots! It is so much fun to be the first to try new cookies and brownies and now we are working on picking our favorites from our newest dessert and gift collection – Miss Grace Cakes. And those Mrs. Beasley chocolate truffle cookies are fabulous! We are looking forward to photographing (and tasting!) all of the new products for this fall! Stay tuned!

 We hope you enjoy some of the behind the scenes shots from our most recent Blue Ribbon Bake Sale photo shoot.

The Cheryl’s Creative Team



Notes from the Test Kitchen

The test kitchen at Cheryl’s is always busy—and especially this spring.  As you may have heard, we recently joined with Mrs. Beasley’s Bakery and Miss Grace Cakes—bakers of high quality cakes and cookies in Hollywood CA.  We will be using their original recipes to bake all the delicious products at our bakery in Westerville Ohio, so we are working hard in the test kitchen to make sure all the products are as moist, flavorful and yummy as always.  It is an exciting time as we taste all their wonderful products and begin our development work.  I want to introduce you to their products:

Miss Grace Lemon Cake
Miss Grace Lemon Cake

Miss Grace is famous for their bundt cakes and mini-bundt cakes called Gracelets.  The 4 flavors are lemon, orange, chocolate with nuts and chocolate fudge.  I think what really sets the lemon and orange cakes apart and makes them so special are the glazes—they are literally drenched in glaze made with lemon or orange juice and zest.  This gives the cakes a bright, fresh citrus flavor. The chocolate fudge cakes, available with or without California walnuts, are hand-dipped in chocolatey glaze, which imparts flavor as well as giving the cakes a beautiful appearance. The texture of all the cakes is soft, tender and moist.

Mrs. Beasley’s is well-known in Hollywood for their baskets—loaded with teacakes, brownies and their amazing Truffle cookies.  The teacakes are very moist and flavorful; we will be baking carrot, lemon, pistachio and chocolate.  The baskets will also feature Cheryl’s brownies and cookies.

Mrs. Beasley's Large Snack Gift Basket
Mrs. Beasley’s Large Snack Gift Basket

The truffle cookies are extremely popular with the Mrs. Beasley customers (as well as everyone who tastes them here in the test kitchen!).  This cookie is dense, very chocolatey and melt-in-the-mouth good.  It reminds me of a cross between a chocolate truffle candy and a brownie.  The dough ball is rolled in a generous amount of powdered sugar and then baked inside a little muffin cup—this helps to keep the shape while baking.  Wait until you try one—you will love it too!

I have to go and test Miss Grace Lemon Cakes now……what a great job!
Happy Spring,
Cheryl’s Product Development Chef

Cheryl’s Big Announcement!

Mrs Beasleys Easter Sampler Gift Tower

Mrs Beasleys Easter Sampler Gift Tower

This week’s blog post is from Denise…

Cheryl’s made a big announcement this week.  Did you hear?  Hollywood’s Favorite Bakery – Mrs. Beasley’s – is now part of the Cheryl’s team!  Their delicious gifts are the perfect complement of baked desserts to the Cheryl’s assortment.  My favorites?  The rich, melt in your mouth truffle cookies and the incredible Miss Grace Lemon Cake made with real lemons!  Oh my!

So have any of you ever tried Mrs. Beasley’s baked yummies?  Tell me what you thought!  I will choose three random responses and send you an Easter Sampler Tower!

Click here to read the full Press Release.

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And…..a surprise 4th winner has been picked!!!                     Winner #4: Post #19 Written By kathy chambers on March 25, 2011 at 2:02 pm

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