Score a Touchdown With These Game Day Watch Party Tips

With Superbowl XLIX right around the corner, it’s time to start planning those Super Bowl watch parties and football fiestas! While there’s no one way to do a Super Bowl party, there are a few simple ways to add an extra something that’ll really take your event to the next level.

Turn your table into a football field. No matter what you serve, your spread will instantly add a kick to the atmosphere when you turn your tabletop into a field of food! All you need is green fabric or felt (large enough to cover the tabletop), white tape and white vinyl numbers. Arrange as appropriate and you have instant football genius.

Serve treats in coolers. Serving your foods and treats in plates and bowls is fine, but if you really want to score a touchdown with your party, arrange appropriate foods in coolers around the room! Use styrofoam blocks to to make sure the food lays nicely at the top of the cooler.

Serve football-shaped foods. All you need is a football cookie cutter to turn your favorite game days foods into festive treats! Turn sandwiches into football sliders. Cut raw dough into football shapes and bake into mini pizzas – the possibilities are endless! Check out more football shaped food inspiration over at

Use festive food labels. Pair these with creative names like “touchdown tacos” or “game day guacamole” for some added food fun.

Create layers in your food spread. Use cake stands and decorated boxes to create layers in your spread. This will not only add to your aesthetic, but make it easier for guests to dig in to the delicious snacks you’ve prepared.

Send guests home with a kickin’ party favor. Whatever the results of the game may be, end the party on a sweet note by sending them home with a party favor they’ll love! Cheryl’s football cookies are irresistible, festive, and come individually packaged for a seamless treat for them to grab on their way out.

Represent the host city. Give a nod to the city of honor hosting the big game for a fun twist! This year is in Glendale, Arizona – how about some cactus-inspired decor?!

If you’re tailgating, you’ll want to do some extra preparations. Check out our list of tailgating tips here!

3 thoughts on “Score a Touchdown With These Game Day Watch Party Tips

  1. ken February 14, 2015 at 9:08 PM Reply

    happy valentines day my a$$, we ordered 4 different valentine cookie pails on the 9th, over $100.00……VALENTINE I say, One would think they would be delivered by valentines day, they had 5 days to do it, but no these folks sent all 4 out to be delivered on Tuesday the 17th, Forget this little diddy they advertise on their web site :Cheryl’s guarantees your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, please call and we will assist you with a prompt exchange, refund or credit. We called guess what they will refund the shipping charges..woo wee what a satisfaction that is ! We have 4 heart broken kids and friends who got zip, zilch, nothin’ from us for valentines day, well cheryl & all those virgins,……. thanks for nothing ~

  2. Betty McCauley February 25, 2015 at 6:04 PM Reply

    I went to your cookie sale at the fairgrounds on Saturday. I noticed that one of my cookies that I have not open yet has a long piece of hair in it. it is a butter cream frosted salty cookie.
    just thought maybe you would want to know. I have saved the cookie that inside the unopened package in case you want to see it.

    • Cheryl's Cookies February 27, 2015 at 3:58 PM Reply

      Thank you for allowing Cheryls to resolve this with you.

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