Less Stress More Fun: Easy Party Planning Tips

From the food to the décor, planning the perfect event requires care attention to detail. All of the odds and ends can certainly be stressful, here are some creative party planning tips for creating a wow-worthy event without the unnecessary fuss.

Simple Party Planning Decorating Tips

easy-party-planning-tips-decorSetting the scene for your soiree is an absolute must! While decorating can get tedious and sometimes pricey, here are some great tips for making your décor wow-worthy without the added fuss.

Pick a Theme
Whether it be a movie, sports, or just a color, picking a theme makes it easier to choose decorations that work well together.

Use Found Items
Use items you already have on hand to save money and time! Empty vases filled with toys, fruits, or candies make for a great conversation starter, as do funny framed photos. Themed memorabilia and paraphernalia spread around the room kicks the décor up a notch.

Less Hassle Party Planning Menu Tips

Festive Foods Without the Fuss
Skip the messy meals and serve easy-to-eat finger foods and hors d’oeuvres so guests can snack while they socialize! If you want to serve more intricate bites, simply serve them on a stick. This will make it not only easier to eat but will eliminate the need for plates and utensils, making clean up that much simpler.

DIY Drink Display
Rather than premixing cocktails and spending time and energy serving guests, set up a DIY bar with all the necessary accoutrements. Include several varieties of liquor such as tequila, vodka, and gin, as well as popular mixers like cranberry and orange juice. Put out a few bowls filled with olives and cherries to really make it feel like a bar. Head on over to celebrations.com for more tips on making your at-home bar wow-worthy.

Fuss-Free Party Favors

easy-party-planning-tipsOrder Prepared Party Favors
Send guests home with a gift that’ll keep the fun going without spending hours creating and DIY-ing. Our cookie cards and Mrs.Grace’s gracelets are affordable, festive, and irresistibly delicious, for the perfect fuss-free party favor!

Party Favor + Place Setting in One
The party favor is meant as a take-home gift, but that doesn’t mean it has to wait until the end of the party! Add a name tag to each party favor and place at each table setting for a unique presentation.

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