Easter Activities for Kids

After the observance, Easter is a time of family reunions, traditional foods, and creating new memories while reminiscing and reflecting. While the adults are setting the tables and catching up with the past year’s events, the kids impatiently await the first course to arrive so they can finally dig in. This year, keep the younger crowd calm while partaking in some festive fun with Easter activities for kids!

Easter Activities for Kids

Set up a separate crafting and activity station to keep all the kids settled in one place. Prepare the area with smocks if necessary; Cover with festive wrapping paper to not only protect the table but to also dress up the space. Here are some suggestions for simple yet fun Easter activities for kids; be sure to set out all the supplies and ingredients they may need before the event so they can enjoy the day while the adults catch up and play!

Don’t forget to check out our Easy Easter Decorating Ideas for some simple and festive ways to spruce up your space!

Easter Egg Decorating

Prepare a few dozen hardboiled eggs for kids to decorate. For less mess, skip the paints and dyes and instead provide kids with permanent markers in various colors so they can draw designs or even just bedazzle the eggs with their names. Other mess-free suggestions include festive stickers and glitter pens.

Easter Activity BoxEaster activity box

This festive activity box for Easter is filled with festive treats and activities to keep children of all ages occupied. The best part? This activity box comes complete with sweets, crayons, and even an adorable paddle ball, all packaged in a ready-to-color box, essentially doing the prep work for you. At the end of the party, kids can then pack all of their goodies and creations into the activity for a creative party favor container!

Easter Cookie Decorating Station

The only thing better than decorating eggs is decorating buttercream cookie eggs! Set up a cookie decorating station for kids to unleash their sweet tooth dreams. Our Easter Cutout Cookie Decorating Kit comes with unfrosted Cheryl’s famous cutout cookies, butter cream frosting, and festive sprinkles for some seriously sweet fun! Want to keep the cookie fun going year-round? Surprise someone special with our Frosted Cookie Club, and for a limited time get 6 Buttercream Chick Cookies free with subscription!

Here are some aww-inspiring photos of our Easter activities for kids in action:

Easter Activities for Kids

An artist-in-training works diligently on her cookie creation.

Easter Activities for Kids

Easter Activities for Kids

The perfect sprinkles placement requires extreme concentration.

Easter Activities for Kids

A cookie artist shows off her work…

Easter Activities for Kids

…and then devours it!

Easter Activities for Kids

The kids then channel their inner artists with an Easter activity box.
Easter Activities for KidsOnce they are finished, it’s time to show off those masterpieces!

Easy Easter Decorating Ideas

BEasy Easter Decorating Ideasetween prepping the home for visiting family, spending hours in the kitchen perfecting the Easter brunch menu, and organizing the yearly Easter Egg hunt, there’s hardly time to decorate for the holiday! With a few simple ideas, you can give your home an Easter makeover that will surely wow guests.

The best (and simplest) way to create a perfectly put-together look for Easter is to choose a color theme or one reoccuring element such as bunnies or chicks and use it throughout the room. Set up one or two conversation starters that will be the focal point of the Easter decorations, and you’re sure to wow! Here are some creative and fun ideas for Easter decorations you’ll want to try.

Edible Decorations

The simplest way to decorate for Easter is to choose foods that double as decorations like the adorable Cheryl’s Cookie Flower Pots. Set up as a centerpiece during the meal so guests know to save room for the main cookie attraction!

Repurpose Easter Eggs

The kids have turned regular eggs into Easter masterpieces, so show them off! Fill several vases with colored (or plain) eggs and place on end tables, counters, and mantelpieces. You can even top with flowers to add a fresh touch to your décor!

Place Cards & Party Favors In One

Set festive cookie cards on plates as a creative place setting that guests can then take home. Our adorable cookie cards are delicious and individually packaged, making it easy to set up a wow-worthy Easter spread. Each one also comes with an additional $5 gift towards their purchase so they can keep the flavor fun going on and on!

Easter Gifts Cheryl's Cookie Cards Easter Gifts Cheryl's Cookie Cards

Easter Gifts Cheryl's Cookie Cards





Alternatively, mini boxes filled with sweets and set as individual place cards will turn even the barest of tables into a festive spread of color and fun. Plus, guests can take their mini baskets home for a delicious party favor! Get the how-to for this simple yet adorable DIY Easter decoration idea here.

New Easter Goodies

Candies as Easter Decorations

For those looking for super simple Easter decorating ideas, you’ll love this one. Grab a bag of colored candies such as jelly beans and fill in bowls or vases for a pop of color throughout the room. Talk about a sweet setup!

Bunny Ears Everywhere

Head to your local party or dollar store and grab a pack of bunny ears. Hang them on chairs, stick them to door knobs, or just simply place them around plates and cups to add an adorable touch to your décor. If the guest list isn’t too out of control, why not buy enough for each guest to wear – the guests have now become your Easter decorations as well!



Cheryl’s Teams With NYSPCC To Deliver Smiles

On Sunday March 2nd 2014, Cheryl’s Cookies had the privilege of teaming up with the world’s first child protective agency, New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC), to deliver smiles to some of New York City’s children and families.

Fifty families participated in the NYSPCC Family Benefit 2014, making once-in-a-lifetime memories with their new friends and family members. The day of family fun began with a VIP lunch reception in the heart of dazzling Times Square at Aureole, where they snacked and savored to their heart’s content on the restaurant’s signature American dishes. At the completion of the luncheon, guests were treated to a VIP gift bag filled with toys and treats, including Cheryl’s famous buttercream frosted cookies.

The afternoon continued with a trip over to the New Amsterdam Theatre, where guests enjoyed an awe-inspiring performance of Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway, viewed from some of the hottest seats in town.

Cheryl's Delivers Smiles to NYC

About the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children:

“Founded in 1875, The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children is the first child protective agency in the world. Throughout its 139 year history, The NYSPCC has sought, through the development of new and innovative programs, to meet the urgent needs of New York City’s most vulnerable children.“

Celebrate Spring with Flowers

Cheryl's Cookie Flower Pot

How do you celebrate spring? Whether it’s by giving your garden its annual makeover or enlisting the family in a day of juice-fueled spring cleaning,

this season is a time for a fresh start and new beginnings. Once the season’s first flowers come out of their winter hibernation and start peeking through the frozen blades of grass, we know its time to shed the winter blues and prepare for the season of life and growth. That’s why this year, we are celebrating spring by immersing ourselves in all things floral!

Here are some creative ways to celebrate spring with flowers; gather the troops and make this a spring celebration for the whole family!

Ways to Celebrate Spring with Flowers:

Eat Buttercream Frosted flower shaped cookies

What better way to ring in the season than with a batch of Cheryl’s FAMOUS buttercream frosted cookies shaped like flowers?! Send a cheerful Cookie Flower Pot of buttercream frosted cookies to those you love to help spread the spring cheer!

Go on a Family Hike

Take the whole gang out for a day of fresh air and flower identifying! Make it an educational (and fun) experience by bringing along a book of plants to help point out and bring attention to the plants growing you encounter along the way.

Make a Nature Book

Have kids gather flowers from your backyard or the local park and add them into their own collection box! Use mod podge or similar adhesive to secure the flower on the page; provide the children with markers so they can label the flowers accordingly for a creative and educational experience!

Make Your Own Flower Bouquet

The simplest fun yet festive way to celebrate spring is by simply gathering flowers and creating your own bouquet! Dress up your vase with a seasonal ribbon and you have a beautifully fresh decoration for the home.

Plant Your Own

Even if you don’t have a garden, gather the family and plant a flower or seed altogether! As your family grows so will the seedling sprout into something beautiful and new.

Spread the LOVE with a Cheryl’s Cookie Card

Surprise friends and family with a slice of spring delivered right to their mailbox with our charming Cookie Cards!

Cheryl's Cookie Flower Card

International Women’s Day Gift Ideas

International Women’s Day is a celebration of all the wonderful women who help navigate the successes of each day. Celebrated on March 8, it is a day of relaxing (for the ladies), gifting, and showing appreciation. Wondering what to get the special women in your life for International Women’s Day? We’ve got the ultimate cookie-packed gift guide to make the celebration extra sweet!

For Female Friends and Family:
Traditionally, flowers or treats are gifted on this special holiday. But why choose just one? Combine the best of both worlds and give a cookie flower tin filled with sweet floral inspired treats!

International Women's Day Gift Ideas

For Coworkers:
Cookies, and muffins, and cakes, oh my! Surprise the ladies of the office with a drool-worthy basket full of our most popular treats – sized to share so all the ladies of the office can enjoy. Add a simple “thank you” message so your coworkers know just how much they are appreciated!

For the little ladies:
Don’t forget the women-in-training! March 8 is all about celebrating females of all ages, so send a special surprise to daughters, granddaughters, neighbors and friends with a gift from our Happy Face collection! Popping open a tin full of bright, smiling faces is sure to put anyone into the festive spirit!

Treats for yourself (you know you deserve it!):
Celebrate your own personal feats and accomplishments by “surprising” yourself with an assortment of your favorite Cheryl’s cookie treats from the Create Your Own collection! Our cookies are great for freezing, so indulge in a few upon opening and save the rest for a midnight snack!

Romantic Ideas for a Creative Date Night at Home

Did you know that February is Creative Romance Month? You may be planning a wow-worthy romantic night out for Valentine’s Day, but don’t stop the celebration there! Make all 28 days of this romantic month equally special with a bit of planning and sweetness.

Here are 10 creative date night ideas you can have right from the comfort of your own home! So whether the streets are snowy or the skies are sunny, you and your special someone can make this February one they’ll always remember.

Cheryl's Cookie Flower Pot1. Dinner and a very special movie. Dinner and a movie is a no-fail date idea, but why not make it really special by reliving one of the first moments as a couple? Rather than simply loading up your movie queue, hunt down the first movie you two watched in theaters together. If you can remember which snacks you ordered, be sure to stock up on them! Your sweetie’s stomach is sure to be filled with those same butterflies that were fluttering when the two of you first met.

2. Have an indoor picnic. Set down that checkerboard blanket and have a relaxing picnic from your living room! Open all the blinds and let the rays of sunshine peek through as you sip on wine and sample cheeses. Make this as fancy as you’d like; take this opportunity to share any unspoken thoughts as you gaze lovingly into each others eyes.

3. Have a second first date. Similar to watching the first movie you two saw together, travel back to a simpler and sweeter time by staging your first date from your home. Serve the same meal or cuisine, invite the friends you were with at the time, or turn your home into the venue you enjoyed. If you went to the town fair, set up a few carnival games and serve funnel cake. Get creative and make it special!

4. DIY together. Pick a simple project the two of you can do together. Whether you’re decorating, reorganizing, tackling a difficult yet delicious recipe, or simply decorating cookies, the success is in the quality time spent together.

5. Relive the memories. Grab that dusty stack of photo albums out of the attic and relive the memories you had together. If your relationship is fairly new, this is a good opportunity to go through old baby albums and learn a bit more about your special someone.

6. Do a wine tasting at home. Does your sweetie have sophisticated taste? Set up a tasting for the two of you to discuss! Keep track of the comments your companion makes – this information may come in handy when planning dates in the future.

7. Plan your dream vacation. Whether or not you actually have the vacation time, discuss the vacation of your dreams together. This is not only a great way to break up the monotony of the day, but also a fantastic way to learn a bit about each other. You may be surprised to learn that your sweetie’s dream vacation is snorkeling with sharks or snowboarding off highest mountains!

8. Make a scrapbook. Rather than just putting photos in an album, get crafty by turning those photographic memories into a stunning scrapbook! Use themed paper and stickers to turn this project into something the two of you will love showing off for years to come.

9. Plant a special seed. While February is still relatively chilly, there are some plants such as tomatoes and peppers that can already be planted. Choose one seed and plant it with your sweetie in a special spot. Like your love, this plant will grow with a little bit of love, patience, and TLC. Once the plant is grown, show it off or enjoy it with romantic meal!

10. Have a game night. Keep the games PG or add your own romantic twist to them for a more sensual evening – the possibilities are endless!

Easy Valentine’s Day Buttercream Frosted Ice Cream Sandwiches

Make your Valentine’s Day celebration even sweeter by surprising your special someone with a heart shaped dessert filled with love! We used Cheryl’s famous Buttercream Frosted Cookies for a rich and mouth-watering treat sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Valentine's Day Ice Cream Sandwiches

For a festive treat, we used strawberry ice cream with our white frosted cookies and vanilla ice cream with the pink frosted cookies, but these ice cream sandwiches can be customized to fit your Valentine’s flavor preferences. Use their favorite ice cream flavor and wow them with a dessert that you whipped up in less than 5 minutes!

Ingredients for Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe:

Valentine's Day Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Cheryl’s Buttercream Frosted Cut-out Cookies (2 per sandwich)
Ice cream
Red sanding sugar

Directions for Easy Buttercream Frosted Ice Cream Sandwiches

Place one large scoop of ice cream on the inside of the cookie. Take the other cookie and squeeze together, slowly and carefully.

Valentine's Day Ice Cream Sandwiches

Use a spoon or spatula to clean off any excess ice cream. Then, simply roll your ice cream sandwich in the sanding sugar – the ice cream acts as a tasty adhesive!

Valentine's Day Ice Cream Sandwiches

Serve alongside a tall glass of milk for an extra sweet Valentine’s Day!


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