How to Make Bite-Size Buttercream Cookie Cups

how-to-make-buttercream-cookie-cupsLooking for a new, fun way to enjoy your favorite Cheryl’s buttercream cookies? Give them a creative (and delicious) twist by turn them into bite-sized cookie cups which can then be filled ice cream or other tasty treats!

Keep in mind when gathering your supplies that one Cheryl’s cookie will yield two buttercream cookie cups. We use original white frosted cutout cookies, but if your celebration calls for a specific color theme, feel free to use one of the other buttercream frosted cutout varieties to fit the rest of your menu and decor!

Supplies for Buttercream Cookie Cups

buttercream-cookie-bowls-suppliesCheryl’s Buttercream Cookies
Butter or cooking spray
Mini Muffin Tin
Rolling Pin
Aluminum Foil
Access to Freezer

Directions for Buttercream Cookie Cups

First, prepare the cookies by unwrapping them. If you have been keeping them in the freezer, give them 5-10 minutes to defrost and soften back to their original state.


Place your cookies on a clean, lined surface and use the rolling pin to slowly flatten and crumble the cookies until you are left with a deliciously crumbled cookie pile.


Take a handful of the cookie crumble and place on the inside of the muffin tin. Use your hand to mold it to the tin shape, using your thumb to leave an empty space in the middle to ensure the bowl-like shape.


Once your entire tin is filled with cookies, wrap in tin foil and place in the freezer for 2 hours to overnight.

Once the cups have fully frozen into the shape, remove them from the freezer. Let defrost for 2 minutes before removing them for easy removal.


Now, fill your cups with ice cream, candies, chocolate morsels – the possibilities are endless!

History of the Sugar Cookie

What’s in a name? That which we call a sugar cookie by any other name would taste as sweet….The history of sugar cookies is one filled with various names, versions, and recipes depending on the country, but all have a common factor; they are a slightly more subtle version of their sweeter and more popular cookie brothers and sisters.

It’s no secret that we at Cheryl’s love anything and everything having to do with cookies. Since National Sugar Cookie Day 2014 is Wednesday, July 9, we’re celebrating by sweetening our day with some cool cookie knowledge with the history of sugar cookies!

Thistory-of-sugar-cookieshere are several different theories about how the modern day sugar cookie came to be. The one that describes the sugar cookie that we in the U.S know today can be traced all the way back to the 1700s to a group of German Protestant settlers in the colony of Nazareth, Pennsylvania. The settlers created a “round, crumbly, butter cookie” which required only the most basic baking ingredients and was easily shapeable. The cookie’s easy of creation and simple yet irresistible taste made it a unanimous hit, so much so that it remained a vital part of Pennsylvania’s culture and history throughout the ages. On September 5, 2001, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania established House Bill 1892, adopting the Nazareth Sugar Cookies as Pennsylvania’s official cookie – talk about a sweet ending!

Family Fun in the Sun: How to Celebrate the First Day of Summer

Like a long awaited friend, the summer season has returned with the first official day on June 21st!

This year’s first day of summer falls on a Saturday, which means an extra sweet celebration is in order! Kick off the season with a day full of fun in the sun with these family-friendly ideas for celebrating.

8 Sweet Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Summer:

summer-bbq-cookiesInvite the neighbors over for a cookout. Heat up the grill and throw some juicy steaks and burgers on for the occasion!

Plant a summer seed. Celebrate the birth of a new season by planting a seed! This is a great family activity the kids have most likely never experienced, and will teach them about the cycle of life and growth as the seedling turns into a beautiful plant or tree.

Have a first-day-of-summer campfire. Gather some firewood and invite the neighbors for a celebration filled with fresh air, relaxation, and s’mores! Before you party, be sure to check out for your summer campfire party essentials and recipes!

Make shirts for the summer. From cut out to tie dye, there are countless ways to DIY your own summer shirts. Grab a variety of plain shirts in different sizes and colors at your local craft shop and throw a shirt party! We recommend making a few beforehand as inspiration for your guests.

It may be Saturday, but have a sundae party! Set up an ice cream bar with all the necessary accoutrements – several flavors of ice cream, a generous variety of toppings, and enough bowls and spoons to go around. Alternatively, if you have an extra long bowl ready, you can create your own extra-large sharing sundae for everyone to dig in and share!

summer-beach-cookiesChill out with a pool party. Invite friends and neighbors over for a relaxing and cool day in the pool! If you don’t have your own pool, consider organizing an event at a local hotel, youth club, or water park. Call ahead of time and see if you can reserve a spot for your party.

Organize an outdoor game night. Put a fun summer twist on game night by hosting it outdoors! From cards to board games, there’s no shortage of options for family-friend games. If the night promises to be extra windy, you may want to consider having several paperweights to hand out.

Have fondue fun in the sun. While fondue is always fun, the summer heat can sure make it difficult to party with chocolate. That’s why we’ve come up with the perfect alternative: icing fondue! Learn how to set up your own icing fondue set up here.

Best Friend Day: 8 Sweet Ways to Celebrate with Your BFF

national-best-friends-dayThey stay up chatting, gossiping, and consoling with us until the wee hours of the night. On our birthdays, they sing the loudest, eat the most cake, and tell the most embarrassing stories. Some may call them crazy, but you call them your BFF.

National Best Friends Day 2014 is Sunday, June 8, so round up your bestie and celebrate with these 8 sweet ideas:

Make up a secret handshake. You’ve been friends for how long and don’t have a secret handshake?! Incorporate high fives, dance moves, and even your favorite sayings and work together to come up with a one-of-a-kind handshake the two of you can cherish forever.

Create Sweet Cookie Messages. Roll up those sleeves and spend the afternoon decorating Cheryl’s famous cookies with our cookie decorating kit, which includes 24 unfrosted cut-out cookies, 2 pounds of frosting, and festive sprinkles for a deliciously fun best friend activity!

Make a sharing-sized ice cream sundae! Summertime and living’s easy… so celebrate your BFF with a mouth-watering sundae to share. Load it up with a mix of both of your favorite toppings, top with two cherries and dig in!

Make a music video. Set up that web cam, blast your favorite mutual song, and bust out those dance moves! With a little bit of video editing, the two of you can have a show-case ready music video to show off (or never speak of again).

Make a friendship timeline – physical or digital. Highlight the most memorable and important milestones of your friendship on a timeline! Point out dates + photos such as first day we met, first time at a concert, first time we raided each other’s refrigerators, etc. Create this on poster paper for a timeline you can use to decorate or create a virtual one on a free presentation site and share the link with friends!

Marathon of Best Friend Flicks. Spend the day with your BFF, snacks, and your favorite Hollywood besties. From Pretty in Pink to Sherlock Holmes, there’s no shortage of quirky duos to spend the day with.

Best Friend Interview. You may think you know everything there is to know about your BFF, but there is always a story or two you may not have heard. Jot down 10-15 questions – ranging from something as simple as “what is your favorite food” to something as complicated as “where do you see yourself in 15 years?” Hold on to these answers as you never know when they may come in handy.

Spend the day giving back. Let others reap the benefits of your amazing friendship by grabbing your BFF and volunteering at local organizations to help give back – guaranteed to make the two of you grow even closer together!

Sweet End of School Year Gift Ideas for Teachers

Thank You Berry Much Cookie Flower PotFrom September to June, the classroom serves as a second home, with the teachers being the disciplinarians parents trust to instill knowledge into their beloved children. Send a sweet “Thank You” with these end of school year gift ideas from Cheryl’s!

Thank You Gift for Teachers from an Individual
Apples and fruits may be the go-to gift for teachers, but we guarantee your favorite instructor will be even more impressed with their favorite fruity treat in cookie form! Any selection from our unique cookie flower pots is sure to impress, and put you in the running for teacher’s pet.

Thank You Gifts for Teachers From a Group
If you’re looking for a wow-worthy gift to send from a class or group, choose one of the generous cookie and dessert gift baskets, filled with an assortment of sweets, sized for sharing. Include a photo of the whole class for an added keepsake the teacher can hold on to forever!

Thank You Gifts for Student Teachers and Aides
Your child’s main teacher may be at the forefront of all the lessons and activities, but don’t forget those aides and student teachers who help with the day-to-day tasks and are just as vital to the learning experience. Send the unsung heroes of the classroom a vibrant and sweet gift from our Happy Face Cookies Collection, sure to put a smile on their faces!

Less Stress More Fun: Easy Party Planning Tips

From the food to the décor, planning the perfect event requires care attention to detail. All of the odds and ends can certainly be stressful, here are some creative party planning tips for creating a wow-worthy event without the unnecessary fuss.

Simple Party Planning Decorating Tips

easy-party-planning-tips-decorSetting the scene for your soiree is an absolute must! While decorating can get tedious and sometimes pricey, here are some great tips for making your décor wow-worthy without the added fuss.

Pick a Theme
Whether it be a movie, sports, or just a color, picking a theme makes it easier to choose decorations that work well together.

Use Found Items
Use items you already have on hand to save money and time! Empty vases filled with toys, fruits, or candies make for a great conversation starter, as do funny framed photos. Themed memorabilia and paraphernalia spread around the room kicks the décor up a notch.

Less Hassle Party Planning Menu Tips

Festive Foods Without the Fuss
Skip the messy meals and serve easy-to-eat finger foods and hors d’oeuvres so guests can snack while they socialize! If you want to serve more intricate bites, simply serve them on a stick. This will make it not only easier to eat but will eliminate the need for plates and utensils, making clean up that much simpler.

DIY Drink Display
Rather than premixing cocktails and spending time and energy serving guests, set up a DIY bar with all the necessary accoutrements. Include several varieties of liquor such as tequila, vodka, and gin, as well as popular mixers like cranberry and orange juice. Put out a few bowls filled with olives and cherries to really make it feel like a bar. Head on over to for more tips on making your at-home bar wow-worthy.

Fuss-Free Party Favors

easy-party-planning-tipsOrder Prepared Party Favors
Send guests home with a gift that’ll keep the fun going without spending hours creating and DIY-ing. Our cookie cards and Mrs.Grace’s gracelets are affordable, festive, and irresistibly delicious, for the perfect fuss-free party favor!

Party Favor + Place Setting in One
The party favor is meant as a take-home gift, but that doesn’t mean it has to wait until the end of the party! Add a name tag to each party favor and place at each table setting for a unique presentation.

Sweet Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Personality

Cheryl's Garden with Cookie GiftSome Moms plan trips to the park, while others plan a day full of crafting fun. Some will even take the spontaneous route and point to a spot on the local map and plan a day around the winning location. No matter how Mom chooses to plan and spend the days, she fills with life’s lessons and love. This year, send Mom a unique gift that suits her one-of-a-kind personality; here are some creative Mother’s Day gift ideas to satisfy your special Mom!

For the Gardening Mom
Mom spends countless hours tending to her garden and indulging in the bounty it brings her. Bring the beauty of the garden indoors with a confection-filled gift inspired by her garden! Our Cookie Flower Garden is filled with Cheryl’s famous Buttercream cookies and even comes with forget-me-not seed packets to add some beauty to Mom’s yard.

For the Beach-Loving Mom
If bathing suit season is Mom’s favorite time of year, send her a beachy-keen gift inspired by sandy shores like our “Life’s a Beach” cookie tin.

For The Classic Mom
The Mom who loves tradition and classic celebrations will be expecting flowers. Pair your fresh flower bouquet with an even sweeter floral gift like classically beautiful tulips – in cookie form!

Cheryl's Teapot GiftFor The Elegant Mom
Mom is all about sophistication and elegance, so surprise her with a ceramic teapot to enjoy her afternoon tea! This classy gift comes with 9 buttercream frosted cookies so you can enjoy these together after Mother’s Day brunch!

For The Wise Mom
Mom is number one on speed dial not just because you love her, but also because she offers the best advice out of everyone you know. She always has the answer and loves spreading her knowledge with the world. Send Mom the a sweet gift inspired the wisest animal we know – sure to be a hoot!

For the Fashion-Forward Mom
Is Mom’s mailbox overflowing with beauty catalogs and shopping offers? If she spends her lunch hours at the mall or shopping online, satisfy her taste for fashion with a chic cookie arrangement with a trendy twist!

Long Distance Mom
Even if Mom is on the other side of the world, you can still surprise her with treats at her doorstep! Make it a monthly gesture by surprising her with a subscription to the Cheryl’s Frosted Cookie Club – sure put a monthly smile on Mom’s face.

Mother's Day Super Hero cookiesOn-the-Go Mom
She’s early to work every day, head of the PTA and still manages to be a full-time Mom! Send this super Mom a snack assortment worthy of a super-hero to show appreciation and love.

The Philanthropic Mom
Mom spends weekends volunteering and always makes sure to clip her box tops, so send this humanitarian Mom a gift that gives back. Our Make-A-Wish gifts give back about 20% of proceeds with each purchase from the collection!


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